Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Top 7 Movie Hamburgers (because that's all I can think of)

1.  The Big Lebowski -- the In-n-Out Burger on Radford--I mean Camrose--whatever, those are good burgers, Walter... Shut the fuck up, Donny!
2.  Pulp Fiction -- the Big Kahuna--now that is a tasty burger, especially with Sprite
3.  Let It Ride -- this little-known gem co-starrs Teri Garr, Jennifer Tilly, and David "Buster Poindexter" Johansen (not to mention appearances by Cynthia Nixon and Robbie "Hagrid" Coltrane), and features a hilarious Richard Dreyfuss hamburger spit-take
4.  Wet Hot American Summer -- "You taste like a burger.  I don't like you anymore."  Words to live by.
5.  The Last Detail -- There's a burger scene in there somewhere.  Besides, I am the fucking Shore Patrol!  And I love hamburgers.
6.  Popeye -- I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.
7.  Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle -- So, I've never actually seen this movie (and I don't feel guilty about that, so don't try to make me), but for obvious reasons it has to go on this list, if only because I can't think any more legitimate hamburger movie movie hamburger movies.

I considered putting Steve Martin's Pink Panther on here just because in the commercial he's learning to order a hamburger, and I thought that was pretty funny actually, but I thought better of it.

If you can think of any movie hamburgers I missed, go ahead and let me know.  If you feel like it.  I don't really care.  According to IMDb there was a Hamburger: The Motion Picture that came out in 1986 that North America and I somehow missed.  But I'm not beating myself up over it.


P.L. Kerpius said...

If you can think of any movie hamburgers I missed, go ahead and let me know. If you feel like it. I don't really care.


Hey, what happened to your Top Ten Best Comedians? Let's see it, Matty!

Mike Lyon said...

How about the utterly insane "Good Burger", a pic from '97 about dueling burger restaurants? Sinbad's in it, dude. Its pseudo-unwatchability will enthrall you!

Alberto said...

Burger Italian Style: check out the philosophical disquisition concerning the ever-surprising tanginess of a slice of pickle that lies hidden in a big-mac. The movie is Santa Maradona!

Matt Hauske said...

I will have to check those out. Speaking of unwatchability, we just saw TRANSFORMERS last night. I almost stabbed myself in the brain with my knife and fork. There is nothing "pseudo" about that thing's (I can't call it a film, and not because it was shot digitally) unwatchability.